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Friday, October 11, 2019

Back to the start - Gypsy's Adventures Part 4

Gypsy's Adventures Part 4

Da Loop is taking you back to where it all began!

Over the coming weeks we'll publish all of Gypsy's original adventures before breaking into new territory.

(Note - all Da Loop stock in the old adventures is no longer available for purchase.)

“So I’ve arranged for you to come and volunteer at the Op Shop tomorrow afternoon “ said Gypsy’s Mum to Gypsy over a cup of tea in Da Loop.  “It will be good for you to get out of your jilted doom and gloom and partake in a worthwhile activity while Sam is out of action.  I bumped into Janet in MK Cutters Hair Artistry this morning, and she referred to you as a ‘bad influence’ on her daughter, you know”.“Well, Sam’s hardly going to whinge about my ‘influence’ when it results in her spooning with a sexy SES man, is she?” retorted Gypsy, tossing her flaming red locks back over her shoulder  “I think JANET should CAN IT. And by the way, I hope I get some freebie clothes out of this deal!”

The afternoon shift at the Mary Jane Foundation Op Shop started at 12:30pm.  Gypsy was introduced to a tiny old lady called Lottie, who was in charge of the shop on Wednesdays. “Oh, welcome Geraldine!” she said to Gypsy, as Gypsy cringed.  “It’s wonderful to have someone here whose hips can handle the cellar stairs!” Lottie clapped her hands with delight.  “Would you mind sorting the clothes in the bags down there?  Here, put your handbag in this cupboard and I’ll point you in the right direction.  Oh, and this is Maeve and June who are on the floor today, and there’s the kitchen if you need a cup of tea.”  

And with that, Gypsy was whisked away to the cellar stairs.  She didn’t have the heart to tell Lottie that, considering her legs were locked in a sitting position,  her hips were possibly less well-equipped to handle the stairs than any of the 90-year-old vollies’ hips. 

Down the stairs she ventured!

Gypsy worked hard at sorting and pricing the clothes in the various bags and suitcases.  Of course, many needed trying on first.  (You know, to make sure the zips worked and stuff.)  A fave outfit was the Thompson black and teal skirt, vintage faux fur stole and black wool cap.  Ah, it was almost fun!  Gypsy poked and preened and mixed and matched, only slowing when the inevitable happened and her caffeine levels dropped.  But, actually, it had been a while since she’d heard Maeve and June’s tottery footsteps on the floor above… 

… She reached for the door, but it had locked behind her when she came in.  She knocked, listened, yelled, reached for her phone but remembered it was in her handbag locked in a cupboard, and then decided that it was all ridiculous.  Surely it was only mid afternoon!  How could they have all left? What kind of a shop closed at 3pm???

Damn, NOW how am I going to get coffee??  She thought, suddenly panicked.  Omg, what if I get stuck here ALL NIGHT?? Hang on, what days is this shop open, anyway?  Mum doesn’t work here on Thursdays, does she? Why not? Because it’s SHUT.  Uh-oh…

Gypsy watched the sky turn dark through the grating at the top of the little cellar window.  She also yelled a bit more, out into the street this time, but of course the op shop was located in the back blocks where rent was cheap, so no-one heard.  Feeling rather defeated, she then donned a quaint vintage beanie ($10, Da Loop) and eyed off the preserves on the shelves.

Time ticked by. No one came searching. So Gypsy changed again into a blue vintage coat and tapestry boots (by Caroline Ingham Rhodes), threw a Fletcher Jones navy wool jacket over her knees, polished off some beetroot relish and home-made lemonade for dinner (just my luck - it isn’t alcoholic!) and then lay down to sleep on the cold stone floor.  

It’s a little ironic that thanks to Traeger buggering off I’ve ended up under a bridal veil in a cellar, she thought, uttering a large beetroot relish burp.  He is going to regret it big time if he ever shows his face around here again!

Will Gypsy last the night without needing to pee?  Will there be an op shop volunteer staffing the shop on Friday whose hearing aid has actually been recently serviced, or will she need to be rescued YET AGAIN by a man?  Find out next time…Over tea, Gypsy’s Mum wears pre-owned Cue dress $28, Catherine Manuell Design handbag $25 and bangle $5.  Gypsy wears pre-owned Princess Highway top $6, Next linen pants $15 and bracelet $4.  Around her neck Gypsy wears turquoise lapis lazuli macramé pendant $28 handmade by Sujan Risal. Lottie wears pre-owned Jendi hat and Fuchs Schmitt trench coat.  Red vintage hat and clutch also available at Da Loop.Cellar displays vintage Sirocco snakeskin print leather jacket $ 55 and snakeskin handbag $12, Mesop striped dress $25, A Little Birdie Told Me top/dress $45, One Teaspoon quilted jacket, BVD white sleeveless shirt with button detail on collar and wedding veil (goes with 1960s silk wedding dress $120).