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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Back To The Start - Gypsy's Adventures Part 8

Da Loop is taking you back to where it all began.  Over the coming weeks we'll publish all of Gypsy's original adventures before breaking into new territory.

(Note: all Da Loop stock featured in the original adventures is no longer for sale.)

Gypsy burst through the front door of the Aldgate Pump Hotel (please excuse costume change – 80s dress sold last weekend), screaming for help. 

There was no point using the pub phone to contact Traeger – his number had just drowned along with her mobile in the flooded Da Loop front window - but maybe she could find some extra manpower to help prevent her ex and his blueprints from falling into evil hands.  

She grabbed the first person she saw.  “I need help!” she gasped. 

“Sorry, babe, I have a gig to do.  They do live music here now, did you catch that news?”

Oh great, thought Gypsy. Everyone is sitting out in the beer garden waiting for the music to start.  I can’t gatecrash that!

There was no time to think - she did a 180 and ran back out the door and across the road in a panic.  Diving through the Da Loop side gate she ran head-on into…

“I wondered why you didn’t show up for our How To Host A…” began her boyfriend.
“No time to talk! Traeger is about to arrive here to rescue me and…”
“Rescue you from what? The dinner party??  Traeger… as in your ex???”  puzzled Dave, looking like a bit of a dill in gangster costume plus Pacman cap.
“Well how many Traegers do you know? YES!! Look, any second now he might show up and then…” she was interrupted by a man’s voice calling from behind the shop.
“TRAEGER!!”  She grabbed Dave by the arm and they ran along the shop’s side wall towards the voice.  Gypsy closed her eyes and prayed that they would get to him in time.  Well, and that her size 14 purple 100% silk Brown Sugar party frock ($28) wouldn’t be ripped by the tree branches they were stumbling through.

“THAT IS NOT A VERY ORIGINAL LINE!”  Gypsy yelled back while still running.

As they emerged at the rear of the shop Gypsy scanned the creek and stopped dead in her tracks as she locked eyes with the man she had once thought was The One.  Dave promptly smacked into the back of her and nearly lost his beloved Pacman cap in the waterfall, thereby ruining the moment, which was probably just as well.

At the same time, two men jumped from the neighbours’ fir trees and tackled Traeger, covering him with a white sheet and dragging him toward the rear carpark.

“OMG!” gasped Gypsy.  She and Dave scaled the back fence and ran across the Aldgate CafĂ©/Style House bridge just in time to see one of the men forcing Traeger into the back of a grey wagon.

“Quick – look at the car!  Memorise the number plate!” Dave shouted.
“What’s with the wagon?” Gypsy asked.  “These are hardened criminals.  One shot at me. Don’t they know they’re supposed to use a real boot to kidnap people?”
“Maybe they’ve knocked him out with gas so he can’t wave out the window”, Dave suggested, and then squeezed her hand.  “I’m glad you’re still standing (in those lovely Nine West gold and black thongs).  And I can’t wait to hear how you got out of the shooting situation.  But for now get in my car, take my phone and call the cops while I chase!”
Do Dave and Gypsy manage to catch up with the abductors?? 

… stay tuned to Facebook, the Da Loop website or the Da Loop shop window!  


Da Loop would like to thank those good friends who have assisted with filming over the last few episodes.
In addition to items mentioned above, Gypsy wears green and brown recycled necklace/bracelet set ($12).  Dave wears pre-owned R.M. Williams striped shirt ($10), NWT Dowd corporate pants ($18), spotted Paco Rabanne tie ($4) and own braces and hat.  Abductor looks striking in dark purple pre-owned Kenji shirt, Quiksilver hat, and bad haircut.  Abductor needs to visit MK Cutters Hair Artistry.