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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Back To The Start - Gypsy's Adventures Part 12

Da Loop is taking you back to where it all began.  Over the coming weeks we'll publish all of Gypsy's original adventures before breaking into new territory.
(Note: all Da Loop stock featured in the original adventures is no longer for sale.)

Dressed in a fashionable but no-nonsense outfit (black vintage Jill Fitzsimon jacket) and armed with a box of chocolates, a new phone, and a list of swear words as long as her gorgeous legs, red-headed Gypsy marched into the Good Times Hospital and asked for Traeger Jackson, her ex-boyfriend.

A helpful doctor directed her to Room 13. That’d be right, unlucky 13, Gypsy thought. 

She entered the room and Traeger turned his face from the window to look at her…. and she promptly burst into tears. NOT part of the PLAN!! Bugger, what am I supposed to do now? March out again?? She turned around to leave, but Traeger said “Wait Gypsy, please! I need a chance to explain.”

“It’s been explained already.” said Gypsy coldly, wiping snot on Jill’s sleeve and avoiding Traeger’s eyes. “All that time, you couldn’t trust me enough to tell me about your real self, your family, your f…ing tail-less dog…!”

“Don’t! Please… don’t make it any harder for me to apologise to you. Being in the Witness Protection Program is serious stuff, and you were in danger! I loved you… I still love you! I couldn’t… can’t… risk anything happening to you, Gypsy – God, you’re my whole world! The best day of my life was when you drove into Joe’s Garage and chose me to service your car. I just didn’t realise it at the time.”

He was right – she had had to choose her mechanic. She smiled as she remembered driving in at 9am and seeing three mechanics sitting out on the office step in the sun drinking coffees – Charlene, Pete, and Unknown-Dark-And-Handsome Man. (Note Traeger isn’t dark anymore - he keeps changing his hair colour to trick his assailants.) In response to her puzzled look, they explained that they couldn’t work because there was a power outage (common in Aldgate, it seems).

“So the cars have been rolling in and we’ve just been sitting around and haven’t even decided who’s fixing whose”, said Charlene. “Take your pick! Hey, this is Traeger, who the cat dragged in from Mount Gambier two weeks ago. Traeger, this is Gypsy. She’s a great chick with a well-behaved car and a well-behaved Mum who also comes here.”

“Well, you’re entitled to your opinion”, Gypsy retorted, with eye-rolling.

“Do you mean you’re not a great chick?” asked Traeger. 

“I meant about my Mum!” laughed Gypsy, and immediately fell for Traeger’s intense blue eyes, square shoulders, his tousled (but rather solid) hair… basically everything about him. He was tanned, fit, alluring, luscious… and she was of course young and impetuous. 

“I pick…. YOU!” she giggled stupidly, and then instead of doing her shopping she stayed while he worked work on her car, watching his muscles ripple and hearing his soft, sexy voice swear gently now and then. The minute she left the garage she was on the phone to her bestie, Sam, raving about the new man of her dreams. Three services later she coaxed him to the movies, five services – her bedroom…  

“Oh God!” Gypsy gasped as she realised she was practically orgasming in the hospital room when she was supposed to be giving Traeger a piece of her mind. No wonder the relationship was a big fail! She thought, pulling herself together.

Of course, Gypsy hadn’t realised at the time that the increased need for car service was because Traeger (real name Andrew) was a crop consultant, not a mechanic, and knew stuff-all about Mazda RX7s. She had simply thought he was lusting after her. Sam, used to Gypsy’s impulsiveness, had tried to slow her down but to no avail.

 Back in the present, Gypsy sighed. There was no point blowing her stack (in any manner). “You don’t love me”, she said.  “I made you love me. I gave you no choice! Look, I’m a grown-up now, and I am learning from my mistakes.” 

Traeger shook his head. “You’re wrong. You didn’t make me love you, it really happened! And don’t go changing your personality because it’s perfect the way it is. Look, we may have started the crack-down on this drug ring but it is far from finished, and my family is in danger. I can’t ask you to come with me because you’d have to change your identity and move away from your family and your friends and from Da Loop….” 

He paused, and Gypsy wondered for a moment if he wasn’t really hoping she would do just that. They locked eyes.

“I know, I can’t!” Gypsy choked, dropped the chocolates and fell forward into Traeger’s arms and vintage Billabong tank. Her lips were on his and her hands were in his hair (I mean ON his hair) and suddenly she was half on the bed…

““Aaaaaieeeeeeee!!!!!” Traeger screamed. “My bloody shoulder!!!!!”

Gypsy jumped back off the bed and gasped “Oh no, I didn’t even ask you how you were feeling!”

They looked at each other and Traeger laughed despite the intense pain and broken heart, and Gypsy laughed despite the extreme ridiculousness of everything, because the plain truth was that even though it had started as a lust thing, she had loved Traeger/Andrew in a young-and-no-cares-in-the-world kind of way, and she would always love him somewhere in her heart.

But her place and her future was here (in Free Fusion OMG! knit $10), with her wonderful Dave (in Drill Hawaiian shirt $8) and with Sam and her silly Mum and with Da Loop. Bring on their next adventure!