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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Back to the start - Gypsy's Adventures Part 2

Gypsy's Adventures Part 2

Da Loop is taking you back to where it all began!

Over the coming weeks we'll publish all of Gypsy's original adventures before breaking into new territory.

(Note - all Da Loop stock in the old adventures is no longer available for purchase.)

“So you sat up drinking coffee with your mum at 2am while she bagged your pyjamas and your man, I mean ex-man, instead of sleeping??” pondered Gypsy’s bestie, Sam, while she had another crack at Gypsy’s untameable hair with the dryer. 

“She meant well, really she did”, Gypsy replied.  “She instructed me to go out with my friends, get some exercise, get some Vitamin D, and to reintegrate myself back into the community.  

I decided it all sucked apart from the ‘go out with my friends’ bit, so here I am doing that bit first!”
The girls sipped their drinks thoughtfully, and Sam reattached her bad arm. 
“At least she’s not here trying to dress us for our big night out”, Gypsy pointed out.
“Too true”, agreed Sam. 

“Speaking of, what do you think of this outfit?”
“Awesome.  But I think you need a different handbag.”
“Okay.  And you need more bling.”
“Too easy.  Where would we be without each other?”

 And, with that, the girls headed off to the city by taxi to the Margo & Rita nightclub, slightly dizzy from their five sauv blancs and overdose of toxic hair product.  They danced, giggled and flirted the night through, spilling  many a drink along the way much to the amusement of the barman.  Thoughts of traitor Traeger were indeed far from Gypsy’s mind.

But will Gypsy feel like getting that exercise, Vitamin D, and community feel-good feeling after thirteen drinks??  Find out next week…

This week, Gypsy wears Finders Keepers sequined top, TS black skirt and Leona Edmiston handbag (followed later by a less practical but more glam handbag). Sam wears Metalicus striped top and Jendi black imprinted pants. Barman wears Bertigo orange shirt with paisley trim and vintage waistcoat - all available from Da Loop.

(Above - Gypsy's final choice of handbag. Below - the Margo & Rita nightclub at Da Loop as the night progressed!) 

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